How it works

The Box

The first box of our range is the Björk Box with 16 items of:

  • Onesies

  • Pyjamas

  • Body's

  • Sweaters

  • T-shirts

  • Bibs

  • Hat

You decide when you start your subscription!


Each baby grows differently and the size you need can vary greatly.

That's why our sizes fit  52-86 cm length (0-18 months).

Start at the size that fits your baby.

All clothes are beautifully made in the finest fabrics and chosen with your baby in mind. The box is made of carton and is recyclable to be as eco-friendly as possible. 


Get the box delivered right to your door! A monthly subscriptions covers delivery and the return.

Delivery is 3-5 days with Tracked delivery by Royal Mail.

If there is something wrong with the delivery let us know as soon as possible so we can look into it and get your box to you without delay.

If you are unhappy with the clothes get in touch so we can help make the box what you need it to be.


Use the clothes for as long as they fit the baby. They are 100% cotton, 100% soft, and baby perfect!

All the clothes are machine washable to make your life easy. Each box can get you through one week, just throw it all in a wash and be ready for another 7 days. 

The Box will stay with you for 3 months, but if you can use it for longer then do! If you want to swap sooner, then you can do that too.  

If there is anything you love so much you just don't want to send it back, then you can buy at for a small fee.


We know clothes can be perfect one week and tight the next, so when they don't fit let us know. 

Swap whenever you like! Get your new order in and have the right size the week after.

We'll send you the new box of clothes with a poly mailer bag to return your clothes with a Tracked Royal Mail return label .


All you need to do is drop off the poly mailer bag with the old set of clothes to your nearest post office.  

If you're not ordering another box we will just send the poly mailer bag to take the clothes off your hands.

Just that simple.


This final step is just for us. 

Once we get your box back we give the clothes a thorough quality check to make sure everything is ship shape. 

We wash all the clothes to make sure they are squeaky clean using eco-friendly and sensitive detergents.

When the clothes are ready, we will send them out to a new family or small baby to reuse the box. 

This rent service promotes 'circular economy' reducing waste. 

how our sizing works

As each baby is different and grows  at its own pace. That's why our sizes range by length rather than age. 

You can subscribe to the Björk Box from size 52-80, matching 0-18 months. 

  • 52-60 cm (fits 0-3 months)

  • 62-68 cm (fits 3-6 months)

  • 68-80 cm (fits 6-12 months)

  • 80-86 cm (fits 12-18 months)

When you check out choose one of these four that best fit your baby's size